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We are all about developing strategic campaigns that work:

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Remarkable’s Creative Strategy team brings a unique perspective to every project – we love the challenge of stretching and breaking the boundaries of what we do for our clients.

Our originality, imagination, curiosity and innovation are backed by a vast array of knowledge and experience. We devise marketing campaigns that deliver results – creating brand awareness, key messaging and audience profiling – by encouraging our clients to consider their service offerings from the customers’ viewpoint.

Even the best creative concepts can’t work if the strategy behind them doesn’t identify with the right audiences.

Eight-week investment produces 60% membership uplift


Every year, Hampshire Cricket renews its membership file ahead of the forthcoming season. The key objective is to keep hold of existing members as well as gathering new recruits.


Remarkable undertook a complete audit of the Club's 25,000-strong database to identify different member groups and their requirements. This identified 19 distinct audiences, enabling Remarkable to remove the 'one-size-fits-all' approach and specifically tailor forms to suit each group, eliminating wastage and inefficiencies.

The renewal process was streamlined by pre-populating forms with individual contact and Direct Debit details, meaning members simply had to sign and return the form. These forms were also designed with OCR scanning in mind, meaning the Club could utilise electronic information scanners at a later date.


Member feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the supporter experience was greatly improved. Hampshire Cricket achieved record results, increasing the take-up of Direct Debit by 60 per cent. The simplified process has increased the speed of take-up, reduced manual data input and generated considerable cost savings in printing and postage. The significant increase in Direct Debit is positive for the long-term health of the Membership file, as retention rates among this group are now markedly higher.

The death of the skip


The HIPPOBAG™ is a large, extremely strong waste disposal bag that is a greener alternative to traditional skips for use in DIY home and garden projects as well as the construction industry. Full bags are collected and the contents disposed of responsibly by HIPPOWASTE.

The company was keen to grow its existing corporate business by leveraging contacts and cross-selling services.


Given the campaign had a very limited budget, Remarkable suggested a creative approach enabling HIPPOWASTE to target one company at a time. By only targeting pre-qualified named contacts, resources could be managed effectively for the best results.

The three-stage 'Death of the Skip' campaign comprised a teaser e-shot linked to a dedicated microsite incorporating tailored case studies; a personalised direct mail piece timed to arrive simultaneously with the e-shot; and follow-up telemarketing to secure meetings.

Progress was closely tracked and microsite visitors became primary targets for follow-up calls, while a template design allowed the rollout to successive target companies with minimal cost.


The e-shot was opened by 35 per cent of recipients and 60 per cent of these clicked through to the microsite. Within 24 hours, HIPPOWASTE secured 18 meetings with key contacts.

Reaching out


SenseReach™ is the latest innovation by Leatherhead Food Research (LFR), a multinational food safety and research company. The SenseReach™ service can be used for any kind of market research, not just food related. SenseReach™ engaged the help of Remarkable to develop its brand identity and launch the product in the marketplace.


Remarkable created a multi-faceted campaign playing on the idea of interaction with consumers. A microsite was designed with flash animation to demonstrate how SenseReach™ works. A subsequent direct mail campaign promoted the new microsite to the top 100 global client prospects, and visitors were tracked to provide SenseReach™ with a list of hot new business prospects to follow up with. Remarkable's PR team created a corresponding press pack which SenseReach™ could tailor to suit each of its targeted recipients. A branded desktop gift – a puzzle cube – was also created for SenseReach to provide to potential clients.


In the first six weeks of the campaign launch, SenseReach™ gained coverage in all of the key trade publications, including and, and a number of potential clients enquired about using the service, including a leading international pharmaceuticals company.

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