The 7 golden rules of social media and community engagement

This post is taken from our Localism Agenda blog, where each week we write about how localism is changing the planning process and why developers have to engage with local communities.

How can you use social media as part of a planning proposal?

On the one hand, the openness and transparency offered by direct and public interaction can be empowering, yet a desire to use social media to galvanise your supporters runs the risk of being hijacked by opponents if not handled well.

So, maybe we shouldn’t be trying to use social media as part of a public consultation? If we don’t get involved in online conversations, maybe they’re not happening? Continue reading

A new strategy for housing?

This week David Cameron announced, to much fanfare, a new housing strategy to ‘get Britain building’.

With declining homeownership among younger working households and just 121,200 new homes built in 2010-11, less than half of the number of new households formed in the same period, few can deny that there is a desperate need to accelerate house building in Britain. Continue reading

Localism Bill receives Royal Assent

The Queen gave her approval to the Localism Bill on Tuesday 15 November, giving Royal Assent to the Bill and creating the Localism Act 2011.

Commenting on the Act, Stephen Pomeroy, CEO of The Remarkable Group, said: “This is an important piece of legislation for the planning sector, which makes a number of important changes to the system.

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